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Support of the public networks on EIA and Program "Public and Impact Assessments" of the ISEU

General Information

Guidance on public participation in a transboundary EIA

Text of the guidance
Annex 1- Convention on EIA in a transboundary context
Annex 2- Case studies of public participation

Activity of the UNECE PP-EIA Task Force

Meeting of the UNECE Task Force in Moscow (2004)

First version
Second version

Decisions of the Meetings of the Parties to the Convention dealing with the guidance

Decision II/3 of the Second Meeting of the Parties (Bulgaria, 2001)
Draft decision III/8 to be taken at the Third Meeting of the Parties (Croatia, 2004)

Previous activity on development of the guidance
Workshop in Moscow (2000)
The first version of the guidance (2000)
Support by the International Social-Ecological Union
Support by the European ECO-Forum